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The Coleman Brothers and the Lone Star Boys – “Second Time Around”

10 cuts - 27 min: 39 sec.


Song List (Original in bold):  Gonna Paint the Town; Old, Old House; Blue Grass Twist; Lovin’ You Too Well; My Deceitful Heart; Carli’s Fancy; Sweet Thing; I Don’t Know What To Do; Somehow You Wouldn’t Let Me Love You; In Despair.


          Ten traditional bluegrass songs on a CD is just what the doctor ordered for any fans craving a taste of the Monroe or Stanley Brothers. The Coleman Brothers, Craig and Corey, punch out the harmony only siblings can create.

          The harmony is especially fine on “Gonna Paint the Town”, “My Deceitful Heart”, and “I Don’t Know What To Do”.  “Sweet Thing” with a single guitar is an excellent song, and the harmony vocals come through perfectly. When Craig Coleman goes into his falsetto voice to create the Monroe sound on “I Don’t Know What To Do” goose bumps are certain.  Harmony singing is perfect on all the vocals and the vocals are perfectly understood, never over shadowed by instrumentation, for the makings of a fine CD.

          Especially notable is the banjo playing of Lone Star teenager, Bryan Hollifield. He adds the Stanley, Scruggs or Reno licks necessary to make the song sound as it should. On “Blue Grass Twist” he does the double noting with all the sounds of Don Reno.  Craig Coleman plays the mandolin reminiscent of Monroe.

Other Lone Star Band members include, Jay Hollifield, who provides a solid bass and takes a nice break when playing “Blue Grass Twist”. Corey Coleman provides some nice fiddle backup and Pat Stowers plays the West Texas traditional rhythm, adding some fine G-runs in just the right places.

          Not only can these Coleman Brothers sing, they can also write songs.  “Carli’s Fancy”, an instrumental, will stand in any bluegrass circle.

          Excellent vocals with harmony, an original tune, very fine instrumentation, and a near perfect mix with plenty of bass makes this CD a must have for the traditionalist.  Bill Monroe sat up and took notice of these boys once. If he was around he would be very proud and the first to admit that these boys were doing it right, the “Second Time Around”.


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Review for "I've Never Felt So Blue"


Coleman Brothers CD

I’ve Never Felt So Blue

Publisher:  Corey Coleman

12140 Yarbrough Lane

Troup, TX75789

Tel:  (903) 312.3066


Playing Time:  30 min: 0 sec.


 12 Songs: (Originals Bolded)  I’ve Never Felt So Blue;  I Believed In You Darlin’;  Cooter Point;  Bluest Man In Town;  I’m Coming Back (but I don’t know when);  Who Will Sing For Me;  Blue Yodel #4;  Wasted Words;  Melissa’s Waltz for J.B.;  These Teardrops Keep Fallin’;  Room At The Top Of The Stairs; Harbor Of Love. 


          The Coleman Brothers and The Lone Star Boys wowed East Texans with a third CD when “I’ve Never Felt So Blue” was released.  Music on this CD is traditional bluegrass with impeccable timing and outstanding sibling harmony.


          Throughout the CD the first rate guitar playing of Karl Shifflett is very noticeable.  Bass player Michael Fuller does a fine job of keeping a steady bass line and maintaining clear and concise control.  Randy Lindley keeps the banjo in the music with just enough accent to complement the mandolin and fiddle playing of Craig and Corey Coleman, respectively.  All in all, the instrumentation is excellent, never overpowering the vocals.


          Coleman Brothers music is the result of a Bill Monroe influence, but the singing is reminiscent of the Monroe Brothers and Stanley Brothers. Regardless of whether Craig or Corey sings lead or tenor, the voices are in perfect unison.  Coleman Brother’s harmonies are tough to beat.  Whenever Randy Lindley adds the baritone for a third part, songs like “Who Will Sing For Me” and Harbor Of Love” just come alive!


          For all those interested in bluegrass music with some fine harmony singing, the Coleman Brothers can provide the harmonies, original tunes, and great timing in just the right style.  Traditional bluegrass is what the Lone Star Boys play and sing.  After listening to the Coleman Brothers CD, “I’ve Never Felt So Blue”, you are going to want more.


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